Elysian Mystery Merchandise

Are you tired of having to wash your clothes?   Do you hate going to the shops to buy new ones?  Elysian Mystery Press is giving you the chance to delay both those hassles for one more day, because you can buy a new top without leaving the house.  Now you can wear our stylish Round and Round/Elysian Mystery Press/Orphist ouroboros anywhere.  Okay, maybe not somewhere formal, unless you wear it under your suit/ball gown.  But you can still wear it lots of places - clubbing, parties, gardening, around that same house you were in three sentences ago.  Just look at some of the options:

Seriously, you can buy any of these, and more!

Seriously, you can buy any of these, and more!

In the simplest terms to explain why we love our ouroboros, the snake eats its own tail, so it gets shorter, but it gets nutrients from the tail so it grows longer.  Thus it just keeps chomping itself endlessly around in circles.  Also it's based on an 'O' in Garamond, the 500-year-old typeface we choose for our books. Be a hipster, and buy some Elysian Mystery Press attire right now, so you can truly say you were wearing it before everyone else.

T-Shirts and singlets/tank tops cost between $24 and $30, delivered straight to your door.
Hoodies, hoodies with zips, and hoodies without hoods are $44-$50.
All are available from Small to eXtra eXtra eXtra Large (and with a size chart on the site so you can get your shirt just right for your measurements.)

And the main reason to buy now - free shipping anywhere in the world until... around midday this Tuesday (the 30th of September) Canberra time.  (If you follow the link it will probably ask you to sign up for the newsletter, which might get you another twenty percent off.)  And if someone asks you why you're wearing such an awesome logo, tell them it's because you're awesome and literate.  Or, to paraphrase Bastian from Round and Round, the ouroboros is "A snake eating its own tail. It's a symbol, an unbroken circle that begins and ends in the same place. The head and the tail - the beginning and the end. Going through our lives chasing our tails. Making the same mistakes generation after generation. An endless cycle of death and rebirth. Round and round."

Buy your Black Ouroboros shirts here.

And White Ouroboroses here.