Jordan Morris is a high school teacher and librarian. His students wanted a good novel to read. He wrote Round and Round. A quarterfinalist in the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition, Jordan also won the 2005 A.C.T. Writers Centre Young & Emerging Writer Mentorship with Jackie French, who taught him everything he knows about writing (and everything he didn't know about writing.) Jordan wrote the musical cabaret burlesque murder mystery Noir Revue, which sold out the Spiegeltent in the Old Parliament House rose gardens, then toured Australia in 2014. In a previous life he ran a boutique hotel for writers and artists. He hopes that in at least one other past life he was a dinosaur.


Annalise Fredericks is a Canberra-based artist who appears to have an obsession with moths. Her work was featured in the RAW Artists Canberra Translations and Spectrum showcases, and selected for the 2013 Step Into The Limelight art exhibition at ANU. She was featured in the Canberra Times for her art installation, when she painstakingly cut out 1000 paper moths and plastered them to a wall. In a past life, she lived in Paris and was teased by the author for being a baguette-eater. Annalise hopes that in another incarnation she was Merlin, or at least something cool, like a moth. Annalise can occasionally be found dressed as herself, but more often you will find her as someone else.


Roughly two years ago, Anka Damian swore she would never use Facebook. Somewhere between then and now she became a social media guru, running our Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and probably all sorts of pages we don't even know about. Like Shakespeare, she tends to spell her own name differently each time. Anka also writes, and blogs, and worships cats.