Where Do We Begin?

Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair opens with the sentence, “A story has no beginning or end; arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.”  I’ve delivered a few book talks over the past couple of weeks and that’s how I like to start each workshop.  All good stories begin before Page 1 and continue long after the final word.  It’s the author’s job to choose the best of those two points and crop their outer limits.  (Okay, yes the Bible starts “In the beginning”, but let’s face it – that book could benefit from more ruthless editing.)  So this is the first news post from Elysian Mystery Press.  We didn’t just Big Bang into existence the second I sent these words into the blogosphere, but for all intents, we begin here. 

At this point, the website is a maze of half a dozen pages for you to explore, and pop back over the next few months to discover more corridors (and exciting news) as we build this labyrinth. 

Explore well!  Also, feedback on the site would be brilliant, either though our social media or on this page (click the Where Do We Begin?’ title above, then scroll down to leave a comment.)


That's a minotaur.  Reading a book like a map.  It made sense in my head.

That's a minotaur.  Reading a book like a map.

It made sense in my head.